Turning A Dream Into Reality: How It Moves It Successfully Brought Screenpower to the US Market

Have you already felt this frustrating feeling that you are good at what you do, seasoned in your field, that you have a lot to give and after all that you are not able to grow? That you will stay confined in your small local or national market?

That is what happened to me after ten years of relentless work in an environment that can be unforgiving: the movie business. I had plenty of jobs, plenty of contracts, but in a tiny market with producers and projects that I felt were not quite aligned with the standards of what I felt I could achieve.

I was dreaming of a market that was at a level that matched my ambitions. I was dreaming of grand stories; I was looking to the other side of the Atlantic.

So one day I started: chambers of commerce, lawyers, festivals, phone calls, mail to producers in my English that was comprehensible, but quite rough. The Result: nothing, absolutely nothing. Bad karma.

And then, one day, through a mutual friend, I met Pascal and Ana, the founders of IT MOVES IT. Friend in common or not, initially I did not consider this a sure thing…I have 25 years of entrepreneurial experience behind me; I am an open person, but wary and possibly suspicious. Those guys who pretend to help you advance, to progress, to open doors for you, I’ve had my fair share and it’s usually my wallet they’ve opened.

And here I am, with a guy whose smile is as bright white as his hair. Straightforward, open, sincere, not trying to flatter in the slightest, very well educated, curious to know how he could help, curious to know why I was doing all this. An excellent first impression. But hey, the scammers also always make a good first impression.

Then during the course of our meetings, I saw a guy who asked good questions, got to the bottom of things. A man who was not afraid of not knowing, who, on the contrary, was asking all the questions that one usually does not ask. That is rare…

At the end this man who didn’t know anything at all about what I was doing, completely understood my whole business model, my ambitions and actually, did it in very little time.

But it is one thing to listen well, to understand… it’s a totally different thing when you have to move, to enter into the heart of the matter and produce results. Let me remind you that we are talking about the movie business, a notoriously challenging environment, an industry most people only dream about, and this is a fellow who has no conception of this environment nor has any connections in the industry.

Summarily, if I’m being honest, despite him appearing to be a very decent human being, I was having doubts, big doubts…

And there I discovered a man who is not afraid of anything. And actually, in the dictionary, they are going to have to change the definition of the term “cheeky” and put Pascal’s name instead. He opened his address book and began a chain reaction. He started from scratch and prompted meetings with all who could help, even the most improbably people. He was formidable! I’m going to keep it short-- three months later we signed a Broadway musical. The sequel to Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Nothing less than that.

But this was only the beginning of a number of traps waiting for me. It’s one thing to sign with a US producer and a whole other thing to collaborate with one. The mentality is absolutely nothing like you’d see in old Europe and the source of misunderstandings and clashes hiding behind each phrase. If a guy from New York tells you about your job—yes, this is interesting – start worrying. And if he tells you “Are you sure?” Call your bank.

So without hesitation, he invited me to stay for a week in New York not to just simply make me understand but indeed experience the US like a real New Yorker. It was more than necessary-- if you want to conquer a market, you need to understand the codes.

It’s there that I understood part of his secret. His secret’s name is Ana. If Pascal is the visionary, it’s Ana who is the realist, pragmatism personified. Pascal sees the big picture, she keeps the focus. Pascal proposes, Ana reframes.

Ana is like the sun, a smile with a feeling of humanity and the real thing. My spouse and I felt at home. For a week they gave us the New York lifestyle and introduced us to tons of people. Thanks to that, I was able to create a team of writers in the US and I became the only European to have a team of writers on each side of the Atlantic. A huge asset.

Two years have passed since then, and the dream of setting myself up there to give all I can gets closer month to month. Thanks to Ana, Pascal and their team, that which was only a dream became a story, my story.

So you can easily entrust your dreams with them-- they will make a story, your story of it.