Five Advantages to Cross-Cultural Storytelling For Business

On any given day in the IT MOVES IT office, you’ll find at least three languages being spoken, someone (Ana) usually handing out samples of a Luxembourgish dish and a couple of Americans explaining words like “listicle," while others converse in French about the storyline for this new fashion brand from Paris.

We’re from all over the world here. Why? Other than being a fun place to work, we believe deeply in the power of cross-cultural storytelling. What does that mean? In short, we know that having a variety of ages, genders, and cultures in our office means we are able to power stories that translate (literally and figuratively) in any language and culture. We seek out universality.

Here are five ways that your corporate storytelling and branding can benefit from the cross-cultural advantage:

International Reach Means More Customers (and More $$$). Let’s start with the obvious. We now exist in a global economy. If you’re not tailoring your product to different markets with different consumers, you’re missing out on a whole lot of money to be made!

Different Perspectives Allow You To Connect On A Deeper Level

Cross-cultural storytelling is about more than just reaching an international market. It’s about expanding your perspective to strengthen how you connect with different people with empathy and understanding. When you understand multiple perspectives, you are able to create stories that people connect to and stick with instead of just saying “that’s nice” and moving on.

It’s the Best of Both Worlds Different cultures do sales and marketing differently and there’s no one right way or wrong way to do it. We pull the best ideas from different global markets and throw away outdated conventions that don’t work in 2019.

Reach Different Markets With One Product What sells in America won’t necessarily sell in France or China or Russia. But that doesn’t mean your product isn’t useful there. You don’t have to change your product... instead change the way you tell the story of your product. Cross-cultural storytelling allows you to tailor your messaging to strike the right chord for every market.

You’re in Tune With More People (And Avoid Cultural Gaffes) We all remember Internet outcry against ads that have come across as tone deaf or unaware of the context surrounding their content. Cross-cultural storytelling and diversity in the writers’ room helps us help you avoid cringeworthy moments like these. When you understand and connect with people across backgrounds and cultures, you are able to put out material you are confident in and that you know will have a positive impact on those who view it.