Real Estate Projects & Assets

Quality of Work, Quality of Service, Transparency

General Contractor 2.0

Construction can be stressful-- we're here to make it easy.

Whether you're building a kitchen or a skyscraper, you'll need different contractors with different specialties. This means managing 5 to 50 different people at once.

After 30+ years in the sectors of construction and real-estate, we've build a team of leading experts in project management and coordination. We take over the project management and help you hand select the best contractors for the job.

Contractors You Can Trust

You put a lot on the line when you put your property into the hands of a stranger. That's why we've spent years vetting and curating the best contractors in the city, the. country, and the world.


From Paris to New York, we've developed a roster of the best in the business. By vetting and testing every contractor we work with, we ensure quality of work and service, and enable transparency and trust trhoughout the entire project.

Real Estate Ambassadors

Whether you're looking for the perfect space or you're thinking about selling but you're not ready to go public about it, we act as your personal Real Estate Ambassadors. By connecting you with the right buyers and sellers, we enable you to buy and sell on your own terms.