Experiential Events & Cuisine

Immersive Experiences Through Storytelling

Be Immersive

In a world with shortened attention-spans and heightened competition, the word "experience" is all the buzz. It's no longer enough to simply host an event. You need to create something immersive, where all the pieces of the event operate in harmony with one another. 

Move people with an immersive event experience. 

"The IT MOVES IT team made our event the most successful and engaging one we've had in a decade. Emails, letters, and phone calls full of praise came pouring in from members. IT MOVES IT storytelling works wonders."

Story Catering

​From the minds of Broadway and Hollywood, our storytelling team uses the same techniques used to write screenplays to turn your event into an engaging story.


An international team of storytellers and event planners, we work with the best global chefs and caterers, to make your event a cohesive experience that people will remember.